Sunnyside Christian Family,

The Elders are excited to share with you what we have been prayerfully working on over the last year.

Following years of consideration, a recognition developed of the need to address Sunnyside’s governing documents to better reflect the ministry we have become and are becoming. Over the decades several sections of our Articles of Incorporation and Constitution/By-Laws have fallen out of use or have not been applied out of best practices or just natural changes. 

In the process of addressing Sunnyside’s governing documents our goals have been simple:

  • Maintain the foundational purposes and core values of Sunnyside

  • Update and define more current legal policies

  • Better align governance to a more Biblical model by dissolving congregational voting and vesting authority in the Board of Elders.  This will:

    • Simplify and streamline internal functions and decision-making processes

    • Enable efficiency, effectiveness and accountability at each level of leadership

    • Empower the Leadership of Sunnyside to pursue our mission aided by a governance model used in vibrant, growing and relevant churches with a proven track record

Through many hours of discussions and research, including consultation with a trusted church leadership professional, the decision was made to take the following actions to achieve our goals:

  • Amend the Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of Colorado

  • Repeal the current Constitution/Bylaws of Sunnyside 

  • Adopt new Bylaws for the Governance of Sunnyside

Thus, the Elders are presenting to you, as outlined by our current policies, these proposed changes we have developed and invite you to review the documents and ask the elders or the staff any questions you may have. 

On Sunday, October 27th a congregational vote will be held to approve specifically the:

  • Proposed Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation filed with the State of Colorado

  • Repealing of the current Constitution/Bylaws of Sunnyside 

  • Adopting of the new proposed Bylaws for the Governance of Sunnyside

The Elders are excited about this opportunity to take action on a need we saw over a year ago and allow it to enable a vision and a future for Sunnyside that is currently developing into something exciting and life changing. We invite you to join us in the approval of these actions which we now see will only help us continue to become a People Following Jesus to Those Not Yet.

Sunnyside Christian Elder Board